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About Anshu Tiwari

For more than a decade, Anshu has been closely associated with all sorts of students who aim for a variety of courses across the Universities within or outside India. Along with counselling, Anshu is also in the training and tutoring domain where she gets a lot of opportunities to interact with these aspiring students on a daily basis. Anshu strongly believes in a well-structured process of counselling her students which helps in aligning their natural talents and skills towards the courses and career path they may pursue so that they can become the best version of themselves.
Anshu finds Counselling to be a very noble service as it gives her an opportunity to bring smiles, happiness and satisfaction on the faces and in the lives of her students and their parents. She has a natural flair for teaching, researching and mentoring her students and loves to impart her experience in the field of counselling.

About Career Ladders

We have been continuously involved in mentoring students for higher studies across all the prestigious universities across the globe. We have been training and helping students with their preparation of Advanced Placement Exams, specifically AP Computer Science Exam in the last 10 years. Most of our students have been successful in clearing this exam with flying colours. Our approach towards training these students is not limited to the score but also on the practical application of the concepts laid down in the syllabus of this exam. This basically lays down a strong foundation for the other specialized courses in their degree programs once they get admission to these Universities.

We are a team of professionals having more than 15 years of teaching and training experience. The Trainers and Counsellors in our team are certified in their respective domains. The faculty involved with training of AP Computer Science students is Certified in Java Programming Language whereas those involved in counselling and mentoring of students are all UCLA certified Global Career Counsellors. Students who have been associated with us for preparation of AP Computer Science exam have been successful in obtaining an average score of 5. Most of these students are pursuing their degree programs across several prestigious universities like Stanford, Princeton, Berkley, Brown, Carnegie Melon and others.

We offer a wide array of counselling services to the students at different stages in their career guidance journey. Some of the major services we offer to our students are as follows:
  • Career Selection
  • Stream Selection
  • Study Abroad guidance
  • Profile Building
  • Admissions Guidance both in India and overseas
  • Comprehensive Career Counselling
  • Psychometric Analysis, Aptitude Tests, Personality Asessment

The website thecareerladders.com is the perfect platform for students to explore various career avenues. With the help of Univariety, our experts will suggest the best career options from all the available and relevant options in an innovative and informative manner.